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Mike and Charlie had hit the jackpot. Two tickets to Wonka’s chocolate factory. It seemed that ever since he’d hired the Bucket kid, he’d been opening up his mysterious factory more and more. And they’d gotten their hands on a pair of limited engagement, two person tour tickets. And what a tour. A chocolate river. A candy garden. A massive inventing room with more than a few machines labeled OFF LIMITS.
“Oh don’t worry about those,” Wonka said, waving his hand toward a machine covered with caution tape. “I never liked blueberries, anyway. Here. Give these a try!” He held out a pair of tiny taffy squares.
Mike and Charlie took the little squares, chewing away happily. They were incredible, changing flavor with every chew. Cherry to chocolate to banana to mint until they entered flavors they didn’t even recognize.
Charlie spoke first.
“I…I’m feeling odd. I wonder if this taffy doesn’t agree with me,” he said, as the last of the candy dissolved in his mouth. He felt weirdly tingly all over, like his whole body was going numb.
A second late, Mike experienced the same thing. He shifted, one hand on his belly as he took a deep breath.
Wonka grinned and gestured to the both of them.
“Curious. I recommend you remove your shoes.”
“What?” Mike sputtered, but he started toeing off his shoes. After all, they had signed an agreement to follow all of Wonka’s instructions before they were permitted to come into the factory. Charlie followed suit, both of them watching Wonka with growing trepidation.
Wonka grinned and circled them, one hand resting on his chin. “All right. It’s time for me to be honest with you boys. I set up this whole contest so I could find some new guinea pigs. It’s a test for one of my new inventions: Expanding candy. Just stay calm and let the candy do its work.”
Mike sputtered. “Expanding candy? Say what?”
Charlie glanced down, his stomach sinking. “Uh Oh.”
They both wiggled their bare toes against the cold floor of the factory floor. The tingling sensation sank down, bubbling around their feet, pricking and dancing until they started to change. Mike and Charlie stared down in complete and utter astonishment as their feet began to swell and grow, swiftly growing too big for their shoes. Then, too big for any shoes either of them had ever seen.
“What the hell?” Charlie gasped.
“Holy geez,” Mike breathed, wiggling toes as big as tangerines. “We could be champion swimmers after this. This is like having flippers.
Wonka chuckled, tucking his arms behind his back. “Don’t worry boys. I won’t let any harm come to you. Just sit back and relax. I think you’ll enjoy this.”
“Enjoy what? Aaugh!” Mike stumbled back, his eyes bugging wide as he saw it. His stomach was rounding out, first looking like a food baby, then like he was pregnant with an actual baby. In seconds, both of their bellies had swollen out, pale, taut skin poking out from beneath their shirts.
Charlie rubbed his hand over the skin , marveling as his fingers shed.
“Oh my God,” Mike whimpered. “Oh my God, I’m huge. Look at me! I-I don’t even think I can fit in my car to drive home.”
“We’re getting so full,” Charlie yelped, his eyes wide as the swelling stretched into his sides, pressing his arms up. There was a soft POP POP as they began to outgrow their shirts, the seams straining to contain their ballooning girths. “We’re going to burst right out of our clothes!”
“Oh, I think you’ll find them to be stretchier than you imagine,” Wonka remarked. “Come now, boys. You’re making this whole process a great deal more difficult than it needs to be.”
Mike and Charlie shuffled and protested as their bodies went from fat, to enormous, to absolutely round. Their entire torsos were nothing more than balls with ever-fattening arms and legs jutting out, growing more cone like with every passing moment. As one, the boys stared at Wonka in horror, then turned and tried to rush to the door. But it didn’t work. Their enormous feet were just too huge. They could barely walk without tripping over themselves. Their wide soles slapped against the floor, and both of them had to bite their cheeks to stop themselves from giggling as their over-sensitive soles were tickled by the factory floor.
Mike got over excited and tried to race forward ahead of Charlie, his round body bouncing and bobbling as he waddled toward the door. Right up until his too-large feet collided with each other.
“Waaugh!” he cried, flying forward and bouncing on his round stomach. He flapped his chubby arms and massive feet so hard it changed the air currents in the room.
Charlie slowed to a stop, watching as his friend bobbled back and forth like a beach ball on the waves. No, he didn’t want to do that. If he was going to balloon like this, he was going to do it with some dignity.
Wonka sidled up to him, tutting softly. “Come on, my dear boys,” he mused, patting Charlie’s round side. It was such an odd feeling, and it sent weird tingles shivering down his spine. Even his skin was incredibly sensitive. So stretched and thin, and stretching more with every second.
“I can’t believe you’d do this!” Charlie gasped.
“I really thought you two would enjoy this.”
“Are we going to pop?”
Wonka laughed and patted Charlie again, sending tickles rippling right through him. “Of course not. I’d never do that to someone. Now just relax and enjoy it.”
Charlie opened his mouth to protest, but he couldn’t help relaxing just a little…and whoa. Suddenly, it wasn’t so bad. It was even kind of nice. The feeling of fullness. His skin taut, no give anywhere. The bizarre, tickling sensation on his soles.  It was…
“Whoa…hey. Mike. You’ve got to just relax. This is…this is awesome!”
Mike protested, flapping and kicking…but as the seconds wore on, he relaxed more and more. And he, too, had to catch his breath. “Holy cow.”
“I know, right?”
The two of them laughed, weakly trying to touch their bulging bodies with their fattening arms, which grew more difficult with each passing moment. Wonka stepped back, grinning as he watched them bulging larger and large until they were wider than Wonka was tall. Then bigger than that. Then even bigger than that. Their arms shrank down into nothing more than hands sticking out of divots in their sides. Their cheeks began to puff out like a chipmunk’s as their shoulders pressed against them. Ten feet tall. Fifteen. Then twenty and completely round, save for their massive feet kicking and flapping.
Wonka laughed aloud and gave Charlie a little shove on his belly. Charlie yelped, eyes wide as the room spun and he rocked onto his back. Wonka rolled Mike next to him. Both boys looked to each other, surprised and sharing one thought.
What now?
There was a faint tickle that grew stronger with each passing second. Mike and Charlie shrieked, kicking their massive toes.
“Such a curious reaction,” Wonka mused, running his fingers up and down their giant soles. “I still don’t know why the feet get so big.”
Mike and Charlie howled with laughter, their whole bodies shaking violently from their loud peals. Wonka grinned, talking directly to their soles. “Quite intriguing, though. I’ve run this on the Oompa Loompas, but none of them have had such sensitive feet. How remarkable.” He finally stopped tickling and tapped their massive heels. “Well, as much fun as this is, I’m afraid I have another pressing engagement. By which I mean I need to schedule a press conference.”
“Press conference?” Mike gasped, slightly disappointed that the tickling had suddenly stopped.
“Well, sure. I’m going to have to announce how successful the expanding candy is. Now, let’s go ahead and get you boys out of here.”
Off in the distance, there was the sound of the doors opening and closing. Mike and Charlie wiggled, trying to see who the hell was here. But before they could see anything, they heard it.
Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo
I’ve got another puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa Doopita Dee
What are these bigfoot balls that I see?
Tiny hands pressed against their sides. Mike and Charlie squirmed, trying to see who was there. And there they were. Tiny men in bright jumpsuits, cheerfully pressing against their sides. The factory room spun around them, their bodies so huge and taut that they rolled as easily as wheels. And all the while, the little workers kept singing cheerfully.
What will you do when you’re round as a globe?
Swollen and huge with gargantuan toes
Can’t even fit through the door of your house
But do you even want to nooooow?
In a deep voice, one of them added.
Bet you like it this way now…
The halls spun around them, everything a blur. Mike groaned, blinking and flapping his hands, his fingers drumming against his taut skin. He kicked his feet, earning a tickle from the Oompa Loompas.
Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo
Quite the conundrum put before you
Oompa Loompa Doopita Dee
Will you stay round? We’ll wait and we’ll see!
Their insides squirmed, queasiness mounting. The tiny hands pressed against their sides over and over, tickling their over-sensitive skin. Here and there would come another tickle on their feet, sending them shrieking with laughter until, finally, they were dragged into an enormous warehouse-style room. Both boys blinked, their heads still dizzy from the trip.
Wonka burst in at that moment, followed by a dozen reporters and photographers swarmed in. There were gasps, oohs, and aahs. Mike and Charlie squirmed, trying to see over their massive bodies. They flapped their huge feet against the floor, looking around in shock.
“As you can see, Wonka announced. “My new Expanding Candy has remarkable results, and I’m already planning multiple variations on that. Swelling in wideness similar to that of height, ten or fifteen feet in diameter or, as you can see…” he gestured up at the two of them. “The deluxe edition. As you can see, my spokesmen took quite well to that.”
Spokesmen? Mike and Charlie clanked at each other, their mouths bobbing open…but they didn’t speak out loud to say no. If they were spokesmen, they were going to make bank just to get to be like this all the time. Who knew how expensive these candies were going to be. This way, they could probably expect a lifetime supply  for free. And they couldn’t help grinning. Not a bad life at all.
One of the Oompa Loompas climbed up onto one of the tall ladders to whisper in their ears.
“If you prefer, we can consider a toeprint to be equal in value to a signature. Assuming you don’t want to shrink back down once the candies are digested.”
“Um…how long will that be?” Charlie asked.
“About six hours.”
“We won’t need that long,” Mike insisted. “As soon as the press conference is over, we’ll sign.”
Well. Sort of. They dipped their toes in the ink and burst into tears, the tickling driving both of them crazy. It took three separate tries before they finally got it all done.
Not long after that, the candies took off. People were ballooning all over the place. In the bedroom. In the pool. Even on the field. Balloon Football became the number one sport in the world in no time flat. Clothing lines blew up to accommodate peoples’ new, massive sizes. For a brief time, shoes even appeared, but people generally came to agree that they preferred to leave their humongous feet bare, even after they finished digesting the candy and shrank back to normal. Their feet remained large and sensitive.  Jobs started offering work opportunities for the perpetually swollen and, honestly? There were worse ways to live.
After all, take Mike and Charlie. They traveled the world as enormous, swollen balls…and they loved absolutely every last second of it.
Expanding Candy
Commission for Zombyre

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College was, in a way, a mere extension of high school. There were the popular students, the ones who either aced every subject or got all the attention, and there were the ones who hung out in their dorms all day, not really bothering with anyone. Hazel Viola McPherson was most definitely of the former ilk. Had she wanted to, she could have easily gotten into probably any sorority, but she liked to be a free agent, not tied down by anyone. And why should she be? She was gorgeous, with dark, alluring eyes, waves of brunette curls, and a pair of breasts that would make anyone weep. Even when she wore something modest, it took everything she had to keep them from popping out through the buttons and or peeking out over the top.
The girls got her loads of attention, and Hazel loved every second of it.
One person who didn’t love Hazel’s exceptional assets was Dana. Also one of the social butterflies, Dana had always wanted one thing in life. To be the queen bee. She’d once gotten a girl kicked out of boarding school for attracting the guy Dana had wanted. She’d planted a pack of condoms in the chastity club president’s room because she’d teased Dana for getting a bad grade. She’d even ‘accidentally’ given the exchange student the peanuts she was allergic to because she was getting just a little too much attention too close to prom.
If Hazel was hot, Dana was drool-worthy. She could make Jessica Rabbit and Kim Kardashian wish for better curves. Dana wasn’t satisfied unless she had complete and total domination of the male population at the university. Even with the lesser amount of attention that Hazel commanded, it was still too much for Dana’s taste. That girl needed to get out of her way. So Dana did what she had to do to put Hazel in her place.
She did little things, mostly. She’d poke Hazel’s boobs when she thought the twit was enjoying a little too much attention. Snap the back of her bra when she looked a little too nice. And when neither of those could get the job done?
“Ugh, you’re so disproportionate,” Dana scoffed every time. “Hazel, I’m saying this because I love you, but your ass just doesn’t match your chest. Either you need to get those butt implants or go get a breast reduction. It’s just such a disappointment to look back there and see nothing, you know?”
Hazel tried to smile, pretended she was grateful to hear it. But there were always tears pricking the corners of her eyes and, suddenly, no amount of attention could comfort her.
Hazel charged into her private dorm, her face burning. Every time she was having a nice day, every time…well. If she was so disproportionate, she could do something about it, couldn’t she?
With an irritated huff, Hazel plopped down into her desk chair and booted up her computer. If real life let her down, the internet always had some sort of solution. Always.
So, after ordering way too much from amazon and watching some videos of a shirtless Channing Tatum, Hazel finally stumbled on a website she’d never seen before.
Guaranteed to give you the terrific tits and amazing ass you’ve always wanted!
Well, that sounded like exactly the thing she needed. Positively gleefully, Hazel ordered a bottle and sat back in her chair. Disproportioned? Ha! When she was done, Dana would have to eat her stupid words.
The pills arrived a few days later, packed in an innocent-looking orange envelope. Hazel’s hands shook as she pulled out what turned out to be a far smaller bottle than she’d expected, bright pink, with Tammy’s label slapped onto the plastic. She grinned wickedly and glanced down at her enormous bust, then back at her unfortunately flat ass. Time to right a few wrongs.
Hazel popped a pill out of the bottle and, without even bothering to grab any water, popped it into her mouth, downing it in one gulp.
Hazel was prepared to wait. After all, it took an advil a good ten or so minutes to kick in, and pretty much everything else would take days at earliest.
With this pill, the effects were immediate.
Hazel yelped as her yoga pants tightened, suddenly around her, like they’d suddenly been shrunk.
“Ungh!” she grunted, scrambling to untie her yoga pants, but they squeezed terribly, cutting into her stomach. oh no, it was too much! Too big to fast!
Hazel gasped with relief as the ties to her yoga pants split, giving her that much more room to grow. At last, it slowed to a stop. Hazel gasped and twisted to stare at her backside. Her beautiful, curvaceous bottom, straining her now too-tight yoga pants. Hazel’s eyes widened. She reached back, running her hand over her ample ass. Maybe it wasn’t as big as Dana’s, but boy, was it fabulous.
Hazel grinned. “Eat your heart out, Dana!”
The next day, Hazel picked the tightest skirt she had and positively rocked it at school. She gave her hips a bit of an extra shake, her now larger ass bouncing under the tight fabric. And boy, did she ever get the attention she was looking for.
“Damn, girl, you could bounce a quarter off that ass.”
“Can I get some of the junk in that trunk?”
“Girl, you got more curves than an hourglass!”
Hazel beamed and flipped her hair, glancing over her shoulder at them and giving her ass a little extra wiggle. Just for their amusement. She was on top of the world. Until…
“Ugh, Hazel, did you get implants or something?”
Hazel froze, turning to see her “friend.” Dana wrinkled her nose and gestured.
“Seriously. That ass looks fake. You’ve turned trying too hard into an art form, girl.”
Hazel’s cheeks burned. Without meaning to, she reached back to cover her ass with her hands. Seeing this, Dana sighed dramatically.
“Don’t take it so hard. It’s not even that big. I mean, not as big as mine. But maybe you could stand to get a breast reduction so it all looks good.” Dana checked her phone. “Whoops, got class. Gotta go. Bye, Hazel!”
And just like that, she sauntered off, her own ample ass swinging back and forth, taunting.
Hazel felt like shit. Here she as with the greatest ass she could have possibly imagined and, against all reason, it wasn’t enough. Her curves still weren’t as fabulous as Dana’s. She still wasn’t as hot as she ought to be. What good were these stupid pills if they couldn’t give her the body she wanted? The body she deserved! How could she show her face at the mixer that night looking like this? Disproportionate, flat-assed…no, she was going to have to do better.
Angrily, Hazel grabbed the pink bottle and popped another pill. She waited for the inevitability of it. The swell. The tightening. The rip of her skirt…but nothing happened. She scowled and turned to glance back. Her ass was still ample, still round and pert, but no bigger than it had been a moment before.
“What the hell?” she muttered irritably. Those pills had been expensive and now they didn’t work. She popped a second pill. Then a third. Nothing. She didn’t even feel bloated. Maybe they only worked once and the rest were just, what. Extra cushion? An excuse to charge more?
“What a rip-off,” Hazel muttered, slamming the bottle back on her desk before she headed over to change for the mixer. She missed the label on the back that read:
Not intended for users under the age of 18
Effective only once per month
Do not take more than one pill in 24 hours
Once pill is taken, alcohol must not be consumed for 48 hours
The party raged around her. Boozy co-eds laughed and sloshed beer out of red solo cups while playing beer pong or jamming to the top 40 playlist blasting in the living room. Dana had dressed in a tight, black, spandex skirt and a glittery crop-top, both perfect to accent her huge, bouncing breasts and her newly bodacious ass. As she sauntered through the party, the wolf whistles followed her. Hazel positively preened under the attention…but it could only last so long. It only took one glimpse of Dana across the room, dressed in a tight dress that made her the biggest bombshell in the house.
Hazel huffed and turned around, grabbing an appletini from the tray of cocktails the resident mixer had prepared. She knocked it back and marched herself into the thick of things on the dance floor, determined to shake her new ass.
“Whoo! Get it girl!”
“Damn. Can we play a little “Baby Got Back” in here?”
“Shake that groove thing, girl! Hot damn!”
In no time at all, Hazel was laughing and genuinely enjoying herself. She went back to grab a cosmo, then a manhattan, drinking them all in short time. It was only when she finished up her manhattan that she began to sense that something wasn’t quite right.
Hazel’s dancing slowed to a stop. She blinked, shifting from foot to foot. This didn’t feel right. There was an odd tingling all over her body, like a thousand tiny pins pricking her skin from scalp to toe. And fullness. Impossible fullness…which wasn’t right. She hadn’t had a thing to eat since she’d arrived.
Hazel grimaced as she felt something…unexpected. The prickling shifted, settling in her chest…until she felt her sparkly, tight halter top tighten. Hazel gasped and stared down in horror. How was this possible? The pills hadn’t worked. And they were only supposed to be for her ass. Alarmed, she pressed her hands to her faintly swollen chest.
“Ooh, looks like someone’s had too much to drink.”
“Come on, girl, you don’t need to feel yourself up in here.”
“Ooh, give ‘em a good squeeze, honey!”
Hazel stared downwards, her heart in her throat. Maybe it was just the one time. The one growth, like before…
Her skin tightened, pressure building. Hazel gasped, eyes widening as her breasts swelled out, spreading her fingers apart. The sparkly fabric of the top stretched as her already massive breasts bulged to the size of bowling balls.
“Holy shit, who ordered the stripper?”
“Damn, girl, can I find you at Hooters?”
Dana rushed onto the dance floor, her mouth hanging open as she stared at Hazel’s gargantuan chest.
“Dana, help,” Hazel wheezed. “Something’s wrong. I think it was these pills I took…”
Dana’s eyes sparkled with an inhuman glee as she reached out to slap Hazel’s breast.
Slosh slosh slosh
Hazel screeched as she reached up to grab her jiggling breasts that were full of…something.
“Oh my God, did you hear that?” Dana cried. “It sounds like she went and got impants. What, you weren’t disproportionate enough?”
To her horror, her breasts bulged again, stretching the spandex of her top until…pop pop pop! One by one, the seams began to give way, revealing her super-stretchy bra bra under the sparkly fabric. Hazel shrieked as her breasts sank down, sloshing loudly with every movement.
Dana laughed and reached forward to poke her again, sending her boobs jiggling and shaking. Hazel shrieked and tried to back away, but she felt more hands on her, poking and prodding. One ass even went for her nipple, tweaking it and, in the process, giving her already taut crop top just the pressure it needed to fly off of her in a thousand sparkly shreds. Her basketball-sized boobs fell out of the remains, still encased by some miracle in her bra.
Slosh slosh slosh
“Stop filling up,” she begged weakly, hugging her enormous chest with her arms. She needed to get out of here. Her breasts jiggled like enormous bowls of jello in her arms as she stumbled for the back door. She just had to get away from the drunks. If she could just make it to the backyard and get some fresh air, she could think. For once in her life, all she wanted to do was get away from the attention.
As soon as the cool air washed over her, Hazel let herself breathe a deep breath. Away from the heavy thrum of the music and the poking and the prodding, she could think. She had to do something. Had to find a way to fix this. Her breasts were as big as basketballs. She couldn’t function!
The prickling feeling returned. Hazel moaned, squeezing her eyes shut as she squeezed her breasts.
“No no no,” she whimpered. “Please, no bigger. They were already too big to start with…”
But her breasts didn’t go. Instead, the prickling sensation drifted downwards and, oh no. There it was. The familiar swell in her backside, pulling at her tight, black skirt. Awkwardly, Hazel turned to look at it, her breasts jiggling and sloshing in her arms. Almost watched them as she watched her ass swell out like a couple of tight balloons. She looked like Jessica Rabbit. No…at this rate, Jessica Rabbit would look like a veritable bean pole next to her.
Hazel’s heart thudded. How big was she going to get? Awkwardly, she began to waddle around the side of the pool, heading for the back gate, barely able to shuffle along with her ass shoved into her skirt. Then, she heard the back door slide open.
“Oh, look at the fat girl waddle!” came Dana’s snide voice. “She can barely move her legs. I’ve never seen someone jump up so many dress sizes in one night!”
“Come on, she’s not fat. She’s just got curves that don’t quit.”
“You could suffocate trying to motorboat those tits.”
“I’m willing to take that bet. I’d love to go out that way.”
Tears stung Hazel’s eyes. Here and there, were a couple of people trying to help her, even defend her, but the rude comments won out. Hazel whimpered as her skirt tightened, each cheek now as large as her breasts, jiggling and slishing just like her breasts. She tried to continue walking toward the gate, but with each second it grew harder and harder to move.
Hazel huffed, her heart hammering in her chest. She was close. Just a few more yards to go and…
Hazel yelped, scrambling to right herself as her ass swelled even bigger. Now each cheek was even bigger than her breasts! Unfortunately for her, she didn’t see the puddle of water next to the pool.
Hazel shrieked as she fell to the ground, breasts first. Her whole body jiggled dangerously upon impact, the sloshing of moving liquid temporarily drowning out the sound of the wicked taunts. Hazel whimpered, trying to hold her breasts still with her arms when-
Her bra fell to the ground in shreds. Not that anyone could see anything with her pressed against the ground like this. Weakly, Hazel tried to push herself up, but she couldn’t push off the ground enough to get her knees under her. It was like she was laying on a pair of squishy beach balls.
“Ungh!” she grunted, kicking her legs as she fought for traction, but it was no good. “Help!” she cried. “Somebody, help! I can’t get up on my-AUGH!”
A sudden horrible, squeezing sensation burst through her backside, followed by a splash of water. For one terrifying moment, she thought she’d popped. Then she saw one of the drunk partygoers, still fully clothed, treading water and laughing like a complete lunatic.
“Hey guys, check it out. Why inflate a pool toy when you can inflate a bimbo?” Dana cackled.
There was another pain. Hazel screamed as her ass shook violently afterwards, sloshing and jiggling against her taut skirt until…
There was a loud tear and the cold night air on her skin. Hazel gasped and tried to look behind her, but she didn’t need to turn far to see that her ass had grown again. Now it was like she had a couple of beach balls under her skin. She was impossibly huge!
She tried to move again, but it wasn’t just big. It was heavy, forcing her lower half down. She could feel her skin growing tither, thinning out with each growth.
Another drunk hopped off her gargantuan ass, and it felt like knives stabbing through her.
“Stop!” she screeched. “Stop! Please, I’m getting too big I’ll…I’ll pop!”
“Oh relax, you big chicken,” Dana snapped, sauntering up to Dana’s side. “You did this to yourself, after all. I mean, I thought you’d gone and gotten some kind of butt implant, but it looks like you did something even more dumb. Everyone’s heard those inflation pulls always come back to bite you. Or, I guess, blow you up.” She snickered and gave Hazel’s backside a sharp slap.
Hazel yelped and tried to kick out, but she couldn’t move her legs enough with her ass weighing her down. Dana laughed and slapped her again, making the skin jiggle. With each second, though, it shook less. She was growing tighter. Fuller. There was nowhere else for it to go.
Dana stepped back, letting a few other people take her place in slapping Hazel’s ass, trying to make it shake. Each one hurt more and more, reminding Hazel fiercely that she was running out of room.
Tears filled Hazel’s eyes.
“Dana, please,” she begged. “I thought we were friends. You’ve got to help me. Find the number online. You can call. You can get help. Please, I’m so big. I-I don’t want to explode.”
Dana glanced down, her eyes sparkling wickedly. In that instance, Hazel realized exactly how blind she’d been. Dana wasn’t her friend. Dana had driven her to this in the first place. And Dana was absolutely not going to try to help her.
“Move aside guys!” Dana shouted. “I’m doing a cannonball!”
Hazel squeezed her eyes shut. She heard Dana’s shoes against the stone. Felt the sharp stab of pain before-

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After the incident with the bimbos in that restaurant, Tammy knew she needed to be careful. Sure, it had been fun to watch the dumbass blow u into a huge balloon, but they’d come dangerously close to being popped herself. Thank goodness for horny morons who’d do anything for a wink and a smile.

Once again, she transferred schools. Changed her last name. Here. nobody knew what she could do, and she liked it that way. She got an internship working for International Enterprises, and initially she’d been pleased with it. As far as she could tell, it was perfect. Everyone there was so stinking trusting and nice that nobody would even consider that Tammy would not suffer competition. Particularly not from Pearl Winnigen.

Pearl was everything Tammy hated in a nemesis. She was pretty. She was sweet. Worse, she was curvy. With a DD chest and a bottom that, while not as large as say Nicki Minaj’s, would still make the other interns stare? She drew all the attention away from Tammy every time she walked into a room, and Tammy was done with it.

She wanted to just pop her and be done with it, but she had to be careful. She couldn’t risk the floozy’s friends figuring her out again. Not after the last incident. But how to do it? Nobody would knowingly betray Pearl…but maybe if they did it unknowingly…

Robbie was another intern. One who didn’t even have his own joint cubicle. It was just sort of expected that he would move around on foot all day. Poor baby was desperate for any shred of positive attention. Good. She made sur to unbutton her blouse just enough to reveal a little sweet boob flesh as she leaned against the filing cabinet in the copy room. Robbie stared at her, his eyes wide behind his glasses.

“T-Tammy,” he stammered. “What are you…”

Tammy fished a bottle out of her bag and held it up. “Hey, cutie. Listen, some of the girls decided to do a little gift exchange. Sort of a Gal-entine’s day thing. Only problem is it has to be secret and I’m about to miss the deadline. I had Pearl and this is her favorite iced tea. Could you be a total dear and slip it into her lunch for me? It’d just be the biggest favor ever and…I dunno. Maybe I could owe you one?”

“Uh…sure.” Robbie took the bottle and stared at it. “I guess that wouldn’t be too hard.”

Easy as cake.

In the lunchroom, Pearl was delighted to find her favorite drink stashed with her lunch. Stupid bint. She was even wearing a tight little tweed skirt. That was going to make this that much more fun. Tammy tried not to openly stare, but she grinned into her stir fry as Pearl ate, sipping at the tea as she talked to the other interns. After a few minutes, she shifted, her expression pinched.

“Oof,” she said, rubbing her middle. “I feel…I don’t know, sort of weird. I think I’m coming down with something.”

Then it happened. Tammy had to bite her cheek to contain her squeal of glee. It started with a tightening of Pearl’s shirt just above her breasts, not much, but it was definitely there, tight wrinkles forming as it struggled to contain her. At first, nobody else noticed. At least, not until Pearl gasped and reached up to touch them. They were like a pair of grapefruits ripening into her hands.

Pearl gave them a tentative squeeze and gasped, a shiver running down her spine. They were pulling at the top button on her blouse, almost ready to undress her.

When it finally came to a stop, Pearl let out a breath of relief, then yelped again as her already nice ass began to round out into her tight little tweed skirt. The fabric stretched and let out a soft groan. Pearl yelped and reached down, squeezing it, her eyes wide with shock. That was when everyone finally took notice.

“What’s happening to Pearl?”

“That skirt looks a little tight!”

“Is she all right?”

Ugh. Such nice little goody two shoes wimps. From the back of the lunchroom Tammy spoke up, hoping nobody would notice it would come from her.

“Talk about a bubble butt!”

There were a few snickers.

“Yeah. Where’s your helium tank, Pearl?”

Pearl wheezed softly. She’d worn a leather belt with her tweed skirt, and it was starting to cut into her middle, dragged back by her expanding backside. Her fingers shook as she fumbled with the buckle until…


Pearl squealed as it flew off. There were gasps of awe as the little scraps of leather flew in every direction, and even a smattering of applause. Pearl stumbled out of her chair, staring back at her now sizeable ass, offsetting her enormous breasts. Tammy grinned! The little attention hog was going to blow into the biggest hourglass anyone had ever seen and then…

Then nothing. The inflation stopped right there. Pearl let out a sigh of relief. Tammy rose, waiting for the inevitable mocks and jeers. The humiliation. The hatred…but it didn’t come. Sure, nobody would meet her eyes. They were all freaked out. How disappointing. Tammy had hoped Pearl would get bigger. Maybe not big enough to pop. Tammy needed a low profile. Still, it had to be humiliating, inflating like a blow up sex doll in front of all the other interns. Even if they weren’t quite as nasty about it as Tammy had hoped. Pleased, Tammy rose and threw away her paper bag lunch. Pearl shuffled out of the break room, her face as red as a tomato. She had no idea how easy she’d gotten off.

Still, Tammy couldn’t help daydreaming of her ballooning like a blimp while she rode the subway home. Wouldn’t it be just delightful? Hearing her skin creak, her squeals of pain and horror, watching her clothes shred off of her like tissue paper… The thought made her smile serenely as she entered her apartment.

Even though she was trying not to overuse her inflation serum these days, she still had a miniature lab set up in the back of the living room, ideal for experimentation. It was how she’d been able to create a version that stopped early enough to embarrass but not doom Pearl. Well. Yet. She grinned and picked up one of the test tubes.


A week later, Tammy began to notice the flaw in her plan. As embarrassing as the initial inflation had been to Pearl, she’d either embraced it or was too damn stupid to realize what a spectacle she was making of herself. She hadn’t even bothered to buy new clothes. She sauntered around the office in clothes that were way too right on her ample chest and bottom, drawing all kinds of attention. Tammy ground her teeth just watching it. The nerve. Didn’t that airhead know how stupid she looked with her Jessica Rabbit figure in those tight little outfits?

Worse, she loved it.

“Hey, here’s the report for Mr. Sanders,” Robbie said, grinning like a dope as he handed Pearl a file, his eyes flicking down to her chest, barely encased in her top. “And, uh…nice outfit. That’s a good color on you.”

Pearl giggled and thanked him before taking the file. Tammy sneered, watching how Pearl’s oversized jugs juggled under her shirt as she walked. This was absurd. She was supposed to be humiliated. Well, that was fine. She just had to be patient.

It was hard, though, when later that day the manager announced which intern would be offered the long-term contract position. And nobody was even remotely surprised to find out it was their newly voluptuous co-worker.

“That stupid bimbo!” Tammy snapped, storming up and down the copy room. “That…that thunder titted, Titanic assed…twit! She’s just eating this up, isn’t she? Ugh, I should have just popped her when I had the chance!” Then she paused, seeing the calendar on the wall. Seven days had passed. She thought back to her earlier experiments with Pearl’s particular brand of serum…and grinned.

Oh, she’d get what was coming to her soon enough.


Tammy tried a couple of times over the course of the next couple of days to slip Pearl some more of the serum, just to speed the process along. She couldn’t send anything through Robbie. That would be far too obvious. But Pearl had started strictly controlling hat she ate and drank.

“I don’t know where this growth spurt came from, but I just want to be careful not to grow anymore,” she tittered to the other interns over her salad and tea. Eventually, Tammy just had to accept that she wouldn’t be able to do anything at this time. Pity. She’d miss the bubble brain’s ultimate demise. That’s what she got for being careful.


Pearl was working late. It seemed her new position involved a lot of that; staying late to work with their overseas clients. Her boss hadn’t specifically told her to, but Pearl had also learned to wear her old clothes. Of course, after that…unusual growth spurt, she’d certainly bought new clothes. But she’d learned that clients now liked to see her squeeze her melon ass into those tight, tweed skirts and her EE chest into unstretchy, button-up blouses. It was an unfair world in business for women, and she sort of hated that it even worked, but more and more clients wanted to place orders with them, just to see the curvy girl in the too small clothes.

She was on just such a business meeting when she started to feel strange. Her whole body tingled, like she had static rolling over her skin. She cleared her throat and gestured to her display, angling it so the customers in the large screen at the head of the table could see it.

“As you can see, our excelsior package has been selling like mad this quarter, so I…ooh…” She shifted, feeling suddenly horribly bloated. On the view screen, some of the customers glanced at each other.

“My dear, are you all right?” one of them asked.

“Y-yes, perfectly fine,” Pearl huffed. “So as you can s-see…the excelsior plus package will give you an edge over your…oomph!” Her skirt felt so tight on her. Tighter by the second. Oh God. No! Not again! Why was this happening to her? HOW was this happening to her?

She glanced at her chest. Still massive. Too massive to allow her to see her feet…but no bigger. She shifted, glancing back behind her. Her skirt was rising, pulled by a swelling backside. Her ass was actually getting bigger right before her eyes!

“This is highly unusual, miss.”

“Is this part of the presentation?”

“Good Lord, this has to be the best presentation I’ve ever seen in my life. Tell me, my dear, could you angle yourself just a bit so we can see you better?”

“I-I’m so sorry,” Pearl said, her face burning. “I swear I never intended…ungh!” It was happening again. She turned to look again, tears welling in her eyes as she watched her butt cheeks spread her already tight skirt, filling up every inch of space, making it tighter…tighter…too tight! It was pulling against her belt. No, she should have known this! She gasped and frantically tried to unbuckle it, but her ass swelled out again. It tightened painfully. She let out a startled cry before…


The tatters of her belt flew onto the table. The jaws of every customer fell open.

“I-I’m so sorry,” Pearl gasped, her hands flying to her swollen backside. “I…can we reschedule this I…I need to get home!”

“Lord, I love to see that girl go,” one of the customers said as Pearl rushed out. She could feel her ass cheeks bouncing like helium balloons under her skirt. She didn’t bother packing up. She didn’t even grab her coat. She raced out into the street, making a beeline for the subway. She had to go home or to the doctor.

“Ungh, so tight,” she whimpered, sweat beading on her forehead as she felt her skirt almost shrinking against her backside.


Pearl shrieked, her hands fling to her ass as her lacy underwear came into view. The flow of foot traffic slowed.

“Dude, check it out. A peep show right in the middle of the street!”

“Damn, girl, what’d you eat to get a badonkadonk like that?”

“I could play those suckers like bongos.”

Pearl didn’t dignify their comments with a response. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she walked, trying not to widen the rip, but with every step, she could feel it growing. Feel herself growing! How was this happening to her!

Her ass cheeks had to be at least eighteen inches around each, and it was getting almost impossible to move. She had to start waddling just to move forward. As she headed down into the subway station, however, it grew that much harder to move. The place was packed with people, all jostling and shoving and bumping into her. And she was getting bigger by the minute.

“Nngh! S-sorry. Excuse me, please I need to…”

She stumbled forward, humiliated as she felt a few hands brushing against her bottom. Oh no. The doors to the subway were closing! Pearl cried out, stumbling forward as fast as she could. She just managed to put her foot inside the cabin when the doors closed. Right on her bloated ass cheeks.

“Gah!” she cried out, looking back at her massive ass, so big it was holding the doors open. “No, please, help me! Somebody!”

The other passengers stared at her with wide eyes, too shocked to move. Pearl felt the odd tingling feeling again. Her ass swelled out and actually began to push the doors wider open.

“Somebody help her!” one person shrieked.

“How, by getting her some diet pills?”

“Girl, you must be a rapper’s girlfriend or something.”

Pearl squealed, feeling hands on her ass, then she realized they were pushing. She whimpered, but grabbed the doors of the subway, struggling to pull herself while the people in the station pushed.


Just as the wheels squeaked and the subway started to move, Pearl popped out of the doors, flying into the train. She fell to her hands and knees, only just managing to push herself up. Passengers scrambled away from her as though she was somehow diseased, leaving a set of seats wide open. Pearl stumbled forward, sitting down. At least this way nobody could see her underwear. Her ass swelled out on either side of her, looking impossibly huge.

Her bottom swelled again, and she actually felt herself rise up just a bit. Her skin began to ache, stretched too thin by her growth. Pearl bit her lip, trying not to let herself think about the pain or what this would inevitably mean. She just had to hope she could get home. Get a doctor. Everything would be all right if she stayed calm…or so she hoped.


Pearl closed her eyes, not even having to look as she swelled out, now taking up three seats. Her poor tweed skirt had finally had enough and finally gave up, shredding to tatters around her. She was going to have to complete this journey in her underwear.

“Holy shit, girl!”

“Talk about Beauty and the Butt. Hey, baby, can I be your guest?”

“Those cheeks are bigger than her head!”

“Did you get some wonky implants or something?”

There were a few rebukes, some kind hearted people telling her tormentors to leave her alone, but it was all for naught. The hecklers just kept going.

“I heard of belly dancing, but I bet this girl can really booty dance!”

“Hey, honey. If you twerk will you hit your head with that ass?”

Pearl bit her cheek, trying not to respond to the taunts. She wouldn’t rise to the bait. She would stay calm. She had to. Then one of the assholes actually reached out and touched her painfully thin skin. Pearl shrieked, trying to lash out at him, but with her massive ass cushions, she couldn’t move enough to do it. The guy reeled back, laughing and high fiving his friends.

“Dude, it felt like a balloon that’s been blown up too much! Like…a second before it pops.”

This had probably the opposite effect he’d intended. All at once, everyone started to get scared. They shifted and stared at her uneasily. It wasn’t had to guess what they were all thinking. Was she going to explode right there with all of them. If she did…would it be like a bomb? Would it kill all of them? Pearl bit her lip as she felt herself growing again…but it was slowing down. The pressure built up inside of her but her ass had absolutely no more give.

The subway screeched to a stop. The other passengers rushed off, even her hecklers, though they stopped to snap a few pictures on their cell phones. And then she was alone. Pearl tried to push herself up, but she couldn’t. Her as swelled a little more and….

“No!” Peal cried, horrified as her feet rose off the floor. She was trapped, unable to move because of her tightening, beach ball sized ass. She kicked her legs frantically, trying to push herself forward, but they didn’t come close to touching the floor, and every movement just made her stretched skin ache that much more.


The doors began to ease shut.

“No, stop! Help!” Pearl cried, but it was no good. The doors closed, and the subway began to move again. Her skin began to shudder and pulse, the growing pressure now unrelenting. She gripped one of the handrails, squeezing her eyes shut. It was impossible to think about anything but the pain. How big she was. How think her skin had stretched.

There was a deep rumble inside of her. She took a deep breath and…


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Valerie wasn’t an idiot. She was hot, and she knew it. She had a perfect tan, lovely pouty lips, dark, shining eyes, and an ass that would not quit even if she wanted it to. With her twenty four inch waist and forty inch hips, it wasn’t all that uncommon that she was compared to Kim Kardashian or Nikki Minaj. Most days, it was a good thing. Most days, she basked in the attention and loved her body for what it was. What wasn’t there to love.

For Valerie, a typical afternoon involved the following:

Enter Valerie, wearing sleek tights and a tight shirt or a sports bra, if she’d just returned from the gym.

Enter also a dude bro or two. The guys in the mesh shirts and sideways baseball caps were the worst, especially when they traveled in packs. They’d see her, their eyes would bug open, they’d waggle their brows in silent conversation and, the next thing she knew, they’d suddenly forget how to share a sidewalk as they casually ‘bumped’ into her. Most of the time, it was just that. A bump. But sometimes, she felt a hand. No guy would ever admit to it, But their guilty expressions said enough. On those days, she felt just a little less awesome about her body.

Of course, that was nothing to the way the women made her feel.

Enter Valerie in a dressing room, in nothing but her undies. Enter also a crowd of other women, similarly dressed, possibly sweaty after working out, usually tired and, possibly, not in full possession of their faculties, because that was when they always seemed to have the worst sort of gumption.

“Oh my God you have, like, the best butt,” one would often giggle. “Are you, like, a rapper’s girlfriend?”

It didn’t really matter what Valerie said, because eventually someone would start singing “I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny…” and Valerie tried to dress and escape before the second verse of “Baby Got Back.”

Those were the good days. The bad days were when those tired women thought it was okay to reach out and grab it.

“ACK!” Valerie screeched, jumping a foot in the air. One particularly nasty woman with a hideous spray tan giggled to herself.

“Oh my God, it IS real!”

Then there were the names. There were some she didn’t mind. J Lo, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, Sexy, Pretty, Cutie…she was a little old fashioned, she knew, but she liked that sort of thing. It made her feel, well, gorgeous. But there were always the other ones. The ones she couldn’t stand. Fat ass. Junk in the trunk. Then the remarks. “Hey honey, you got a cushion shoved under there?” “Are those real?” And all of a sudden she felt less gorgeous and more like a freak show.

One week after the ass grabbing incident in the locker room, Valerie had had enough. She stalked out, peppered by questions from the other women.

“Oh, wow, is that ass real?”


“What are your measurements?”

“Thirty two twenty four forty.”

“How do I get an ass like yours?”

“I dunno, eat some more donuts?”

She had officially had enough. So Valerie stomped on home, her face burning. What she wouldn’t give for a normal sized bottom. For attention to be fixed on something other than her ass. She’d trade the compliments if it meant the insults and the inappropriate groping stopped, too. Just thinking about it made her feel like a piece of meat. That was it. She had to do something.

Grinding her teeth, she grabbed the mail and pulled out a Cosmopolitan magazine. The title read “How to get a backside like Kim Kardashian.” She scowled. Kim Kardashian again. She felt like she was being haunted by the ghost of big butts. Still, after she’d had her dinner, she couldn’t help flipping through the magazine. And that was when she found the unexpected.

“Too much junk in the trunk? Get rid of it with T’s Butt Be Gone.” Valerie blinked. What kind of magazine encouraged women to get big butts and yet advertised ways to get rid of it. It had to be some kind of a prank…but she didn’t want to look it into it too much. Thrilled, Valerie rushed to the computer and punched in the web address. It turned out there were a dozen different products available ready to do anything and everything for a woman’s body. Tan skin, lighten skin, gain weight, lose weight…it was strange how some women would do anything to get a bigger butt while others would do anything to get rid of them. Valerie shook her head and punched in her order. She could sit and analyze why this happened or she could get on with it.

Afterwards, when she lay down for bed that night, she had to admit she felt a little bit guilty. Until now, she’d loved her body. She’d been proud of how comfortable she felt in her own skin. Now here she was buying shady weight loss pills from a website she’d seen in a magazine. Not a good sign…but maybe it was the right thing. She had to do whatever made her feel safe and comfortable in her own skin. This would be the best thing in the long run. With that thought, she let herself drift off to sleep.

A week later, Valerie was playing with her Halloween costume. She knew she wanted to wear a little black dress. But would she wear it with kitty ears or go all out with the zombie make up? All thoughts of the upcoming party flew from her mind, though, when she heard the doorbell. Her package had arrived. Valerie had to hide an excited squeal as she retrieved it and pulled out a huge bottle with ingredients, instructions, and warnings in what seemed to be every language but English. It was a little weird…but she knew just enough Spanish to recognize that it instructed her to take one pill every twenty four hours.

She could do that. Valerie filled up a glass of water, popped open the bottle, and pulled out a little pink pull that smelled like fish oil. She wrinkled her nose. That was the last thing she’d want to put in her body. Still, if this was going to be how she got a slimmer bottom, then she’d just have to do it. Valerie took a deep breath, popped the pill in her mouth, and washed it down. then she waited for something. Anything. She wasn’t sure what…but it probably wouldn’t take effect right away. Valerie glanced at the clock and, with a sigh, headed for school.

Hours later, Valerie stood in line for lunch. It had been a long morning. She’d had her chem midterm and, while she felt she did pretty all right, she was just ready to go hope, pop open a bottle of wine, and veg out to her favorite Halloween movie. Maybe Nightmare Before Christmas would be on…or Nightmare on Elm Street…or Kitchen Nightmares: Halloween edition. Even as she planned her evening, she started to feel something odd. But she couldn’t quite place it. With a frown, Valerie shifted from foot to foot, gripping the sides of her tray tightly.

Then she started to feel it. An odd tightening around her stomach. She grimaced and shifted. Was she a little gassy? No, she felt fine in that regard. She shifted again. It was her leggings. They were suddenly just a little too tight. How was that possible? They hadn’t shrunk in the wash. They’d been fine until just a moment ago…and that was when it happened. There was a bizarre tingling in her posterior, a stinging stretch in her skin, then an undeniable bulge!

Valerie shrieked. The lunch tray slipped from her hands and crashed to the floor. Mystery meat and mashed potatoes went flying everywhere, but Valerie didn’t care. Her hands flew to her backside and…yes. It was bigger. Her bottom was actually bigger and…bulge!


Her underwear was riding right up her considerably larger crack. Her butt jiggled under her hands like a pair of overfilled water balloons, stretching the spandex of her leggings until the seams began to groan. She turned, trying vainly to see behind her as her beautiful hourglass grew suddenly grossly pear shaped.

“What’s happening to me?” she whimpered. A guy behind her in line snickered.

“Hey, if you’re gonna feel yourself up in public like that, do you mind if I have a go?”

Valerie threw him an irritated loon, then grimaced, her face burning as she felt her butt bulge out another inch.


Her seams were barely holding up.

“No,” she hissed. “No no no, please!”


She gasped in horror as she suddenly felt the cool air on her bottom. Gasps and cheers went up all throughout the cafeteria as her newly enlarged bottom came into view. Tears sprang to her eyes. Valerie could do nothing but turn heel and rush out of the cafeteria as fast as she could, trying to shield her face. She had never been so humiliated in her life!

When she finally returned home, the first thing she did was snatch a measuring tape from her bedroom and wrap it around her newly swollen backside. Her heart pounded. Her face burned. When she finally pulled it aside to read the measurement, her stomach sank.

“Forty nine inches?” she winced, looking over her shoulder. With every shift, though, her ass jiggled like it had a life of its own. No. It couldn’t be right. She wrapped the measuring tape around her hips again and checked, but it was the same. Forty nine. Impossibly huge.

“How is this possible?” she whimpered. “Why is this happening to me?”

There was no answer, of course. So there was also nobody to speak reason to her. Valerie was so distraught that she didn't think. Not as she went into the bathroom, not as she opened the medicine cabinet, and certainly not as she pulled the bottle out of the cabinet and stared hard at it. Maybe she'd read the directions wrong. Maybe this was just some kind of bizarre water bloat. Maybe…maybe more would make it better.

Had she been calmer, she would have thought it through, known better…but as it was, she couldn't. So, she popped off the top and wrinkled her nose against the foul smell. Then she popped one in her mouth. SHe grabbed her water glass and washed it down. But…but what if it wasn't enough? In panic, she swallowed another. Then a third. Then a fourth. Had she not been alone, had she been calm, she wouldn't have done that. And she certainly wouldn't have picked the bottle up and downed the entire thing, every last pill in he bottle, in one go.

She woke the next morning with a dark feeling of dread looming over her head. But nothing had happened. Sure, she was the same loathsome size she'd grown to in the cafeteria the night before. But otherwise, she was the same. Just to be safe, she grabbed the tape measure and…nope. Still forty nine inches. She groaned inwardly. Well, at least she wasn't bigger. That had been dumb.

Still, it was a new day, and she had to focus on the positive. Namely, Halloween! In spite of her disappointment, Valerie couldn't help getting excited. Weeks before she'd bought plenty of zombie make up, some fake blood…she could just wear a tight little dress and let the make up do the work. As she spent the day bent over the sink, applying her make up, she couldn't ignore her new profile. Geez, it looked like she had a couple of basketballs shoved under there. With a grimace, she dabbed on a little extra blood, hoping the gratuitous gore would be a sufficient distraction.

The party was the highlight of the university Halloween season. It wasn’t exactly a zombie prom, but the Monster Mash Dance and Masquerade attracted about a third of the campus population showed up to swing, waltz, grind, and bunny hop as one great mass of monsters for one glorious night every year. The previous year, Valerie had been crowned Queen of the Monster Mash. Of course, with an ass the size of a spare tire, she was either going to win by a landslide or lose in very horrific way possible.

Valerie took a deep breath and entered the party All she had to do was keep her head held high and she could have a good time. Maybe sometime soon those pills would start working properly and she’d finally have a normal bottom.

For all of twenty minutes, it worked out exactly that way. She danced, she had some fun. When Thriller came on, she even joined the line dance. Then the inevitable happened. People noticed her.

“Hey, check out zombie Kim Kardashian!”

“Damn, Nikki Minaj! Did you up the size of your butt implants!”

“Dang! Nice ass, lady. Bet you won’t even need a mattress with that kind of cushion.”

And just like that, the mood was ruined.

Valerie's cheeks burned. Of course. Now it was even worse than before. Suddenly, she wished she could just go back to her old enormous bottom.

Suddenly, she wasn't in the mood to dance. She crept through the room, intent on the refreshment table when…

"Oh!" she yelped, whirling around, her hands on her bottom. A leering guy in some sort of demonic pirate costume grinned and wiggled his fingers at her. Perv. Valerie scowled and turned back to the table, grabbing a bottle of water.

No sooner had the plastic bottle touched her lips, though, than she felt it. That odd feeling washing over her. The discomfort. Suddenly her sexy dress was too tight. She yelped, her hands going back to her cantaloupe butt cheeks. to her horror, she could FEEL it. Her skin stretched, jiggling slightly as they grew. Her fingers pushed into her squishy new skin, which had the give of a half filled balloon.

With a whimper, Valerie shifted, glancing over her shoulder down at her backside. Her skin prickled as the bottoms of each ass cheek poked out from under the hem of her dress, exposed to the cool fabric of the room.

“No no no!” she cried, stumbling away, her face burning. She had to get out of here. Get to the bathroom or something. Why had she worn such a short dress? She should have known something terrible would happen!

“Oof!” she grunted as some jerk in a mummy costume ‘bumped’ into her, and he didn’t even try to hide the hand that reached out to squeeze her newly gravid ass. She shrieked and whirled around, then stumbled as her newly enormous bottom threw off her balance. But she fell right into their trap. Some jerk, clearly a buddy of his dressed as a little leaguer grabbed with both hands…and there was the odd feeling.

“Whoa!” The pervert jumped back, hands in the air. “What was…I-I felt it grow! What the hell is wrong with you, lady?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with YOU?” Valerie snarled The mummy guffawed.

“Oh come on. With a banging booty like that you can’t blame us for wanting to have a little bit of a feel.

She winced, cringing as she felt her dress tighten around her growing ass. She had to get out of there! Her watermelon ass jiggled behind her as she walked. She whipped out her phone. She had to call for help. 911, her mom, anyone! But when she flipped the phone on…no service. And she had a huge crowd to move through in order to get out. And there it was again. The feeling welling up and…


Tears sprang to her eyes as her underwear rode up in a massive wedgie as each cheek swelled larger than a basketball. The hem of her dress rode halfway up each cheek. She could barely toddle forward, her monstrous ass bouncing dangerously behind her. Oh God, why had she taken all those pills? How could she be so stupid?

She reached back, pressing her hands into her ass cheeks. They felt full now, like balloons that had been blown up all the way. And yet she could feel the give. She had just a little more room…but not in her underwear.

“Nngh!” she groaned. Then…POP!

She shrieked as her lacy underwear fell to the floor in tatters. And suddenly, there was no way to avoid attention. It seemed that everybody in a ten foot radius turned to stare at her. And most of them were too drunk to take the situation seriously.

“Damn, some girls will do anything to get a crown!”

“I dunno, dude. Look at that ass of hers. I doubt she could keep her underwear on if she wanted to!”

“Come on baby! With an ass like that I’d pay good money to watch you twerk!”

“Come on, Kim K Zombie. I got a champagne bottle and a glass with your name on ‘em!”

“N-no please, I need someone to help me. I can feel it, it’s about to happen-”

And there it was. Her ass swelled out, tightening her skin so fast that her dress didn’t even have time to change.


Her ass flopped out in all its horrendous glory, big and bouncing, impossibly large. She staggered forward, barely able to move as it bounced behind her, slowly starting to engulf her lower back and thighs.

“H-help,” she whined. “I need-“ But she stepped wrong on her platform heels and crashed to the floor, her ass shaking like a pair of overfilled water balloons above her. She grunted and tried to push herself up, but it was no good. She was just too big, now. Too heavy.

Horrified, she glanced over her shoulder to see a pair of butt cheeks, each as large as a beach ball. It couldn’t be possible. Her ass swelled again, but she had no more room for it. With each passing second, she could feel her ass growing tighter.

She kicked her legs and screamed. The pressure grew. Her skin shook. She tried to wheeze out a plea for help but she couldn’t. She could only hear the taunts from the other party guests.

“Check out these bongo drums!” And a guy slapped his hands on her ass. Her skin was so tight it sounded like a drum. Valerie’s eyes widened.

“No, stop!” she screamed, but it didn’t stop. The asshole kept drumming on her tightening ass while the other costumed tormentors began a rousing chorus of Fat Bottomed Girls. Valerie tried to drag herself away, but it was no good. Her skin began to squeak and shake dangerously and suddenly, the drumming stopped. The party guests began to back away, their eyes wide, their faces ashen.

“Uh, guys,” the mummy said, but he was cut off by a sexy black cat.


The crowd retreated. Valerie called out to them for help, but they were all gone. Valerie’s face burned. She bunched her hands into fists. The pins and needles feeling turned into knives stabbing her as her ass completely ran out of room. Her ass trembled above her, two titanic orbs squeaking like taut leather.

“Why did I do this?” she asked herself desperately, tears welling up in her eyes before she felt one last bulge and…


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Ilsa wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this, but she sat in the dark room while these three other women plotted the demise of one of her yoga students. Apparently Tammy had been at it for quite some time. The very idea of sisterhood or girls sticking together or girl power had been lost on her. If there was ever a woman that she felt was more attractive or drew more male attention than her, she saw to it that that stopped.

It had apparently started in high school with some girl named Leah.

“It took a bit of digging,” Kate said, setting down a file. “But this girl Leah was pretty brilliant. Looked like she was going to have a great future. Unfortunately, she was Tammy’s lab partner and she had some pretty enormous jugs. We don’t know if Tammy did it on purpose or if this was the specific incident when Tammy figured out /how/ to do it. But Leah popped in front of her chem lab.”

Another file. Somewhat hesitantly, Ilsa opened it to see a lovely, smiling girl.

“That was Margie,” Kate said. “On the volleyball team with Ilsa. She…” she trailed off, her cheeks turning bright red as she sucked in a sharp breath. Christi jumped in for her.

“Margie was pretty voluptuous, too. Chest swelled u to the size of a couple of exercise balls, then that was it for her. In the middle of a volleyball game. In front of the school.”

Luzy slapped down the last file, but rather than look sad, she just looked angry.

“This was Paula, our friend.” She pointed at the picture of a third young woman. “This was where it changed. Apparently the others were ingested, like your friend Elsinore. But Paula was different. It was through the sunscreen. Through the skin. She’s learning new ways to administer it. Which means soon nobody will know how to protect themselves from her.”

“We aren’t just going to take her down for our friends,” Kate said solemnly. “We’re doing this to hopefully save a lot of girls in the future.”

“We could always take our evidence to the police,” Ilsa suggested. But Kate shook her head.

“They’d never believe us. Not unless we can gather a lot more evidence. Right now they see an epidemic of curvy girls blowing up into balloons and dying and I, for one, don’t want to wait for another girl to die before they see a pattern.”

“Then we clearly have to take care of it ourselves,” Luzy insisted.

“Are we sure we want that on our hearts?” Ilsa asked.

Christi took her hand. “We’ll be helping people in the long term,” she said. “Now, I hear you’re good at mixing drinks.”


At is turned out, Kate was a waitress at Pabliano’s Itialian Grill. Similarly, it turned out that Tammy had a thing for Sunday brunch there. So all four young women slipped into the kitchen early on Sunday morning and began. Ilsa was quite good at mixing drinks, actually, and bartending was one of her specialties. As such, there wasn’t a person alive who’d turn down one of her mimosas.

Under Luzy and Christi’s careful guidance, she mixed in some of the odd chemical they’d retrieved from Elsinore’s water bottle. Ilsa covered the taste completely and handed it to Kate to take out to Tammy with her food.

“What’s this?” Tammy asked coldly when the drink was placed in front of her. But before Kate could reply, she sniffed. “I don’t want it. Do you have any idea how many calories are in that?”

Back in the kitchen, Luzy and Christi gasped.

“That was the whole plan!” Christi insisted.

“It’s fine,” Kate said. “I’ll just put it in her water pitcher when I refill, we’ll be in good shape, don’t worry.”

As she took out the bottle of water, one of the other waiters, a sweet guy named Joey, set a basket of breadsticks down in front of them. Luzy eyed him suspiciously.

“What are these for?”

“Any friend of Kate’s is a friend of mine.” He winked right at Christi.

“My stomach is a knot of butterflies,” Ilsa breathed. “I couldn’t.”

But Christi humored him and nibbled on one. Apparently her head wasn’t entirely in the game. Luzy nudged her with a scowl. “Focus.”

Out in the main area of the restaurant, Kate watched carefully as Tammy took a delicate sip of her newly refreshed water. Then she paused. Her blonde brows furrowed as she glanced down at her drink. Then she shifted in her seat, grimacing in discomfort.

“What…what was in my water?” she asked, a little too innocently for someone who’d murdered four girls. Kate staggered back, her heart in her throat. This was it. It was finally happening. Finally she would be able to avenge poor Margie.

“Help!” she called, as though she didn’t know what was happening. The other customers gave her an odd look but Ilsa, Christi, and Luzy scrambled out of the kitchens, their eyes wide. Ilsa looked as though she was going to be sick. Luzy looked just as angry as she had when all of this had begun. Christi was chewing on something.

“You’ve got this coming,” Luzy said, tears springing to her eyes. “For everything you’ve done.”

Tammy whimpered and shifted, one hand pressing against her stomach. Then her expression shifted into an amused smirk. She pushed herself up out of the chair and placed her hands on her hips.

“Seriously?” she sneered. “A tainted mimosa then the water? Did you honestly think I hadn’t created an antidote for myself ? Geez. I always knew you weren’t the brainiest bunch but I’d have thought you wouldn’t be complete morons.”

Christi staggered back, a shiver running down her spine.


“And then there’s this imbecile,” Tammy said with a smirk. “She’s got to be an A cup and she’s still got more tits than brains. Well, soon she’ll have more tits than pretty much anything else.”

Sweat broke out on Christi’s forehead. She glanced from Luzy to Tammy then back down to her rather modest bust and let out a helpless whimper. Then it started. Her breasts bulged out against the taut fabric of her button up shirt. Christi shook her head, trying to cover her growing breasts with her hands. Once, that might have worked, but with each passing second, it grew more and more impossible. Within seconds, her breasts swelled large enough to pull little gaps between the buttons, offering a glimpse of her straining bra.

“N-no,” Christi whimpered. “Please, I don’t want this. We were supposed to stop this from ever happening again!”

Apparently the clientele of Pabliano’s were a particularly brutal bunch. Not one person rose to try and help or call 911 or anything.  They just sat in their seats and jeered.

“Wow, I gotta come here more often. Who knew they’d include a peep show with your meal!”

“Nice jugs, sweetheart. Wanna drop your hands and give us a better look?”

“That’s a hell of a boob job, girl. How big can you go?”

“Back off!” Luzy snapped. “Can’t you see she’s terrified?”

Ilsa pulled out her cell phone and struggled to punch in 911 with trembling hands.

Christi’s shirt continued to strain her buttons. The others watched in horror as they bulged to the size of small melons, pulling her shirt out of her skirt. All except Tammy, who smiled triumphantly.

“Getting tight there, boobs for brains?” she snarled.


Christi yelped as the first button flew free, pinging off the window. A little more of her cleavage was revealed, much to the joy of some of the customers.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Her chest exploded outwards, the soft flesh of her now soccer ball sized breasts bulging over the top of her now far too tight bra. Her face burned as she struggled to hold them up, hands trembling which made her now massive mammaries tremble like jello.

“Please,” she begged. “Please you…you said you had an antidote. Please help me. Don’t let me pop. I don’t want to pop.”

“After you were going to pop me?” Tammy sneered, taking a step forward, but she stopped when Luzy stepped in front of the expanding Christi. Tammy laughed. “What, you expect me to think you were going to blow me up and leave me safely? You brought this back on yourself. I only wish it was happening to all of you at once. I’ve never seen more than one blow-up bimbo before. Would’ve really made my day.”

Christi grimaced as her breasts bulged, trying to overflow her hands. Her back began to ache as she struggled to keep standing up. She couldn’t see beyond them anymore. They were like a pair of throw pillows strapped to her chest, growing more and more overstuffed each second. And they wouldn’t stop. Not until she was so big and full that a single pin prick could…

No. She couldn’t think of that. She had to keep hoping she’d survive this, even as the jeers from the crowd began to wash over her.

“Hey you big tart, this is supposed to be a family restaurant!”

“Christ, even the manager’s drooling over this lady’s rack.”

“Look out! Looks like a Hooters waitress got lost on her way to work.

“Give us a shake, honey!”


Christi wailed as her bra went flying, landing in some guy’s lap. He blinked down at it in surprise. Christi could have just died from shame. Was this how Paula had felt on that beach? Helpless? Exposed? Tears sprang to Christi’s eyes. Her breasts bulged even bigger, now trying to sag all the way down to her belly button. She grunted and tried to shift her grip, carrying them in her arms like couple of grocery bags.

“Oh Missy Christi, how your boobs do grow.” Tammy grinned making a cupping motion under her own breasts. “I think we’d have to get pasties the size of salad plates to fit you right now. But hey if the whole college thing doesn’t work out, you could have a lucrative career as a stripper. Not that you’d be dancing. You’d just lie on your boobs and let someone else pull off the bedsheets you have to cover up with.”

Christi grunted and tried to take a trembling step away, but at that precise moment, her chest bulged out to the size of a couple of exercise balls. With a startled shriek, she fell to the ground, landing boob-first. Her breasts shook violently. Christi struggled to hold onto them, to stop the shaking before she could pop.

“Stay away from her,” she heard Luzy snap. “Back off!”

“Tammy, this isn’t going to work,” Ilsa said. “You’ve as good as confessed here. Please. The only way to get yourself out of this is to turn yourself in.”

Christi squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering as her breasts swelled even larger, bean bag sized. To her horror, she felt herself being lifted up, her hips rising off the ground, then her knees. She rose higher than the table, higher than the bodies standing around her. She stretched her toes, trying to keep them on the floor, but soon enough they, too, rose off the ground. She kicked her leg, trying to touch the ground again, but it was too late. She could feel her skin tightening under her hands.

She heard the cries as though they came from a mile away.

“Everybody get out! She’s gonna blow!”

“Oh no, my restaurant!”

“Lady, I’d give up on an ambulance. What you need is a flatbed!”

Christi squeezed her eyes shut, her heart in her throat. Until she felt a hand on her bare skin. Christi peered as best she could over her chest to see the others standing there, staring helplessly up at her. No. They’d get themselves killed if they stayed.

“Go,” she growled. “Get out of here and promise me you’ll pop that bitch.”

“I promise,” Luzy said fervently.

As the others ran out of the restaurant, Christi stopped swelling. But she knew better than to hope for more. She glanced around, seeing mostly flesh. And then there he was. Joey. He looked pale and helpless, holding a fork in one hand.

“My friends will get you, too,” she said. “For doing this. For helping her.”

Joey held up the fork. “Somehow, I’m more scared of Tammy.”

Christi closed her eyes, then she felt the prick of cool metal on her stretched skin.



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